Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

All Holidays are becoming so much fun in our home these days. Ella has reached the golden age where she can tell the difference between Easter and Halloween and she doesn't ask any more what we will dress up as for Christmas. 

So It has been more fun to decorate, do crafts, check out holiday books from the library and of course dress up.

I mention this often on my blog but a couple of my friends and I started a "craft day" when our kids were 1 1/2 now our kids our 3/4 and we still do it every month. We have had to start doing them outside and at parks because our tiny craft group has grown to be about 10 moms which equals about 25 kids. Crazy and we love it. 

Craft group for March was an Easter theme of course.
Stories and pin the tail on the bunny

I was so shocked that all of the carrot were eaten on my bunny dip. eat veggies when they are cute.
Then a little egg hunt
Everette thought for sure there would be an egg in the drain
A week later we celebrated Easter again
Yes this is the best picture I got. I had about -3 seconds to take it and we were already an hour late for church cause Everette slept in till 10? What? And Ella and I were arguing over whether or not she should get to were her sisters 6-9 month sweater to church.

After church the door bell rang and the girls ran for the door hoping to catch a glimpse of the bunny
The girls got back packs which they loved so much and wear them everywhere.
I love them because they get to carry their own things....snacks, sippy cup and blanket
Everette even naps wearing hers
After naps we had a fun little egg hunt for the girls. Our family tradition is who ever finds the golden egg gets a special treat. Ella got a locket with a picture of mama and papa in it. She loves it and wears it all the time.
 Still wearing her backpack
 Next year we MUST invite a ton of friends over for a hunt because we need to be taking advantage of our giant yard before we have to move next year.
 We ended the day with a nice BBQ dinner of ribs and corn out in the backyard.

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