Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Little Ella James

I wanted to write a little something on my Sweet Ellie.
I have been in awe of her lately. For a good four months she has been a perfect angle. Every night I rave to James about her. I never have to tell her something more then once. She is never naughty, She is so sweet to me and has never talked back, She has never laid a finger on her sister, She is learning to swim so good these days, Sleeping in her own bed all night long, and just does everything on her own.

The other day I watched her go into the bathroom, take out her her pony tail, stick a headband in and wash her face, then she went to the bathroom (which she insist on having no help with) and brushed her teeth. I never set foot in the bathroom to help. I realized she is really growing up so fast. 

She is still super girly and that is probably my only stress with her in the day. She is really difficult to dress and we often leave the house wearing crazy outfit choices. I would rather her feel comfortable and be independent then argue at this point. 

I have been teaching preschool with a small group of kids twice a week and ellie is learning very quickly. Her letters and sounds, all of her shapes and numbers too. She is really into drawing these days and can write her name by herself. I am so impressed how she stays in the lines so well when drawing. She also has an amazing imagination and can play alone for hours with just some blocks and a few princesses.

James has been taking her out on a daddy daughter date every week to thank her for being kind to mommy and helping me through the day. I love that he takes the time to do that and have little conversations with her. She loves their special time since she really doesn't get to see him much.

Ok enough bragging about my sweet ella bean. I have just felt so blessed to have her today and always.

Painting her own nails in her favorite outfit. Bikini top and a skirt. hair down of course. haven't put it in pig tails in months.

 She tells me 30 times a day that i'm the best mommy and she plays with my hair and tells me she loves me so much and I make her so happy. Its all I could ever ask for in a little girl. Love love love

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