Monday, September 23, 2013

California Trip

James took off to do out of state rotations this summer and the girls and I were left alone to fend for ourselves. So after six weeks of being alone we took off to California to spend a week with my mom and then a week with my dad in Lake Tahoe. Two of my six sisters flew in to see us and we all had a great time. 

My mom, 10 year old sister Myah and 13 year old brother Landon
We mostly stayed at the apartment for the week but it was nice and relaxing. Landon was so sweet with the girls and would sword fight with Ella each day. Myah played non stop with the girls and was my little nanny. My mom got a lot of one on one time with them and she loved it. She is a great grandma to them and they thought she was amazing after she hula hooped for an hour.
My dad got a trike for Ella to ride while we were there. And my mom had a whole patio full of toys and set up all of Myah's old toys in our room too. it definitely pays off to have a sister only 7 years older then your child. They had a blast together. I was so relieved to not have to pick up a barbie for two weeks!!
She didn't take her eyes off her Auntie the whole week
Loved cooking with my Sister all week
We loved watching Myah at gymnastics all week.
Aunt Jo Jo flew in from Utah and spend four days with us. The girls love their Auntie and have spent the most time with her out in Florida. They are her little babies and i think she could watch videos of them all day long. 

Aunt Tessa lives in California and made such an effort to see us a ton while we were there. She is an amazing Aunt and played so well with the girls. This was her first time ever meeting Everette!
She gave them the sweetest gifts. The girls got present each day and i had to get another suitcase just to bring it all home! Spoiled.
Aunt meggie came running off the airplane and into the girls arms. She is so funny with them and they were all over her for the five days she spent with us. She will make the best mommy some day.

I was in heaven spending a week with my sisters. Just wish we could have all been together!

My dad is an amazing grandpa and the girls have always loved his company. He treats all three of us like queens and before I even rolled out of bed each morning I had pancakes and bacon in my hands. He would really do anything for me.
Lake days
 Hanging around
There was a horrible wild fire so it was smokey most of the week but it made for some great sunsets.
Everette went pee in the potty all week. probably cause I didn't have a whole house to take care of and could focus more of my time on her.
paddle boarding 
We had a great time with family and I'm so happy we went. I wont be flying alone with two kids again for a very long time. Thanks mom and Dad for making this trip possible for us. It made the time away from James so much easier. Single motherhood is no joke!!

Summa Time

 We have had a pretty mellow summer this year. Last year we moved into our current apartment. Its an apartment attached to a main house right on the water in Fort Lauderdale. The yard is huge and no one lives in the main house. So we get the place all to ourself. Every year in July the two Giant mango tress drop loads of mangos. This year we had so many we didn't know what to do with them all. I would collect about 15 a day and pass them out to friends and take bags to church. I sliced them up and made about 35 freezer bags for smoothies and we have one each morning. This lasted for three weeks and thank goodness its over cause i was getting burnt out of mango picking!!

 James left us for two months for medical school rotations. It was difficult to not be with him each evening but he learned a ton so it was worth it. Also not fun paying for a hotel and rental car for months at a time. He leaves again in November. The girls missed him like crazy and face timed with him each night.

 Everette discovered how useful pockets are.
 She also discovered how to be a fashion girl like her sister. She wears heels all day everyday
 It was not fun being a single parent for two months but the girls really are so great and play so well together.
 James got home and promptly wanted a baby kitten. So we adopted "penny sprinkle cupcake" from the humane society the first weekend he was home
She is a sweetheart and we are happy to have her in our family
 We had quite a few late night swimming parties
 We are beginning to say goodbye to some of our Florida family.

 Someones hair started getting longer 
 Ella started home school preschool. She isn't old enough for the free preschool offered in Florida so I started her at home. She knows about 10 of her letters and sounds. her numbers to 10 and all her shapes. We mostly work on life skills though. Lots of baking, doing dishes, moping and caring for her cat. She is in charge of brushing her, feeding her each morning and helping dad with the litter box.
 Every month James takes each of the girls on a one on one date. I wanted a turn so ella and I went to Disney Princesses on ice. We had a blast.
 We went to the beach each week and really love our Florida life.
 We swim with our church play group 2-3 times a week. The kids are all best friends and have been together since they were little. This summer they thought towel forts were really cool. It beats last summer when they thought hitting and pooping in the pool was super cool.