Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm the worst blogger these days...
here are some things we have been up to.
Does anyone even read my blog anymore??
Probably not!
Valentines day craft party at a friends house
 Ella has been playing on her own so well lately and loves my old dollhouse
 Went to art Basel in Miami a few months ago with james. 
 These two fall more in love with each other everyday

 Everette wear panties in the evenings before bed because she is stubborn and insist on wearing them
 Things are staring to heat up around here

 Ella has been sleeping all night in her big girl bed again after a nine month hiatus in mom and dads bed. James and I are so proud of her. Everette thinks she too is ready for a big girl bed.

Everette is so silly and growing up so fast.

 We visit the beach at least once a week but thats not nearly enough when we live five min away.
Dressing up is slowing down around here. Who has time for pretend clothes when you are changing your real clothes ten times a day?

Papa had a birthday last month 
We went on a beautiful bike ride 

 These two fell a little more in love with each other.
 I have never seen ella do one mean thing to her sister. She is so good with her and teaches her so much.

 We almost bought a cat. Once I figure out how to not be allergic to them anymore we will most defiantly get one.
 I just spent a lot of time loving on these ladies all month long. 


  1. I still read your blog! I have been horrible too. Why is it so hard? Because of Instagram. It's made me the worst blogger ever. Anyway, love you, love the girls.

  2. Total blog stalker here but in a non scary way! I don't know how I ever came across your blog...I think it was on a search for NieNie....I've got three kiddos under four so I relate to your busy life a lot! Anyways...where is your little ones mermaid shirt from?!? Our youngest turns one in May and we are havin a mermaid theme...that shirt is adorable AND perfect! Jaime

    1. so funny I welcome stalkers! Ella is very picky about her clothing and although the mermaid shirt is not something i would have chosen for her she loves it. I got it at Carters about two weeks ago and they had tank tops of it too. If you hurry you still may be able to get your hands on it.