Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The last days of 2012 (aka longest post ever)

We had a wonderful and fun packed December this year.
Last December I had just given birth to Everette so we stayed home a lot and enjoyed our new present.
This year we were out and about most every day.
Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE FLORIDA. The weather is so great all the time and there is really a ton to do. Here is a ton of pictures of what we did this month.

We decorated the house and Everette quickly went to work stuffing things in stockings, unwrapping presents, plucking ornaments off the tree and breaking baby Jesus' daily. 

our little Christmas tree being decorated

She is walking now pretty regularly and its so fun. She says new words every day and might be as talkative as ella soon. Just today she said duck and pig.

If you didn't get our Christmas are some of my favs from our little backyard photo shoot.

We went to Art Basel in Miami one weekend to see the work of many famous graffiti artists. It was so fun and James would walk up and down the streets and knew the artist for each piece.

lots of Christmas crafting happened

and cookie baking

Everette turned one!

and I turned late twenties

the hubbs gave me this sweet new camera!

Somebody became obsessed with this...

That same somebody refused the high chair in her older more mature age and now ONLY sits at the table

The big annual BOAT SHOW went through our back yard so we made a party out of it!

My sister kaila (Auntie Jo Jo) came for 10 days!

We rode bikes along Hollywood beach

made gingerbread houses

Went to the Miami Zoo

Painted our face

met Santa

most days we just sat around and got fat!

went on bike rides

Spent many many days at the beach enjoying our 78 degree winters

Christmas Eve

My Dad and his wife came to visit on Christmas

Went back to the zoo and rode bikes

Spent one whole day out on the water

Lots of walks enjoying the weather

The girls were the cutest on Christmas morning and loved all their little goodies. Thanks to grandparents we only did stockings for them and one small gift.

Ella loved her homemade dolly

and the little table and chairs I stocked at Micheal's till they were reduced 80%.

What a crazy month! thank goodness its over now so I can plan Ella and Ever's Circus Birthday Party!


  1. So fun. Do they still have those little Tables and chairs at Michaels? Ps. I love the Christmas Eve pictures and how the kids just happened to be in the same order. :)

  2. I love that little table and chair set! Collette would die over that! Also, love the action shot of you and Ell on the beach... you look super hot and skinny ( like always). I love december in florida!