Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Circus Birthday Party

Ella requested a Circus themed Birthday Party way back in October. I then found some little popcorn containers at Target for 50Cents and I was sold. We took a few photos of the girls randomly one day to use for their invitation. 

Here are a few others that I liked

 It was very fun to make stuff for a brightly colored birthday party because if you know me most everything i wear and decorate my house with are NEUTRAL colors of brown, white and beige. Not really any splashes of color anywhere in my life. 
The morning of the party it poured rain and it isn't even rainy season in Florida. This was a huge bummer because Florida is so beautiful this time of year and i wasn't able to decorate outside at all because of the rain. BOOOOO. Anyway the outdoor party had to go on. Very overcast once the party started with a few showers.
We  have a very large yard so It was a must to have an outdoor party. Ella requested a bounce house and Pinata and those were her only wishes.
James' only request was cotton candy. He requested a bounce house at our wedding and got that so I thought he should be granted one request for the party. It was really just a bribe to get him to help me.

We sang to the little birthday girls. Everette and Ella's Birthdays are just weeks apart so we decided to combined them. Something I probably wont make a habit of so they can have their own parties. But really throwing parties is something i wont make a habit of.....SOOOOO Exhausting.

All the kids gathered around and watched the girls open their very thoughtful gifts. Even though I request no gifts my friends couldn't help but spoil these beauties. Ella was wearing everything she got before the day was over and was so thankful for every gift. it was very sweet to watch her open them and promptly thank her friends with a hug.
 Everyone lined up to fill their popcorn containers with candy from the pinata
It was quite difficult to bust open

Moms were great and participated and helped me with everything. 
Most of the day I couldn't figure out where the husbands were? Included my Husband??

Oh hey there they are with the food, candy and soda.
Sitting inside out of the rain. Did I mention SITTING and not watching the children??
So great to have wonderful friends!!
 But most of all thankful for my Sister and her Husband who on their vacation helped throw the party. They cooked and cleaned all day and held my children and fed them. They also took all of these pictures so I could enjoy the day with my girls. Love them
The day was a success and the rain didn't ruin it. I'll throw another one for their sweet sixteen. 


  1. Best party ever! It was so much fun to meet all your friends and get to know them better. Loved celebrating their birthdays with them!

  2. It was so fun and so cute! You always throw the best parties. Happy birthday to those two cute girls!

  3. We had so much fun and I for one am very grateful that James got his cotton candy wish... yummm! Oh and one of Ella's gifts finally arrived today,Yay! Love you and love your girls!