Friday, February 8, 2013

Three year Old Problems

The elevator doors were closing so fast as I watched two of my best friends struggle to make it in time with their over sized strollers, diaper bags and babes on their hips. 

I was trapped in an elevator with THREE THREE YEAR OLDS!
Did they do this on purpose??
Did they think I could handle this?
You can tell by the looks on their faces that they were just as worried as I was. 

I remained calm and thought they would grab the next elevator. Welllllll I was wrong. It seemed like forever before they returned to my rescue.....They took the stairs and Im pretty sure they grabbed a snack at the concession stand. WHAT??? 
Anyway. We did survive and I took the opportunity to do a photo shot. Why not right?

 (I like to pretend that ella is grossed out in this picture because her besties are involved in quite a bromance)

 It was hard to pick a favorite but this might be it???


  1. Oh I love this! First, of course we knew you could handle them. You are jos sorensen. Supermom, former teacher, and genius! I never would have taken pictures cause I would have been on the ground sobbing. Second, we did stop for some pretzel bites but only because we waited through two full elevators, then couldn't find the stairs and the only thing that would keep screaming Collette from jumping out of her stroller on the escalator was pretzel bites! That and they smelled delicious.

  2. These pictures are some of my favorite things of all time. I was laughing/crying through this whole post. I love these kids so so much. By the way, dying about the bromance picture, hilarious. You really are supermom, teacher, genius and BEST FRIEND! You are amazing!