Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Castle

So James and I agreed that after Ella's "Princess Disney Extravaganza Trip" She would not be getting a single thing until Christmas and then even that will be small.

So when she asked me for a princess Castle fort before nap time the other day I got to work.
It took about 35 minutes, a whole roll of duck tape and two free moving boxes.

She was pretty thrilled when she woke up

*I'm only posting this because Ella has seriously played in these things for two weeks now and it has been the best form of entertainment for her. Just in case your little ones are getting tire of being locked inside due to the extreme temperatures outside.....give em' a try!!!! It's a super cheep and easy project.

Now for the Picture overload....sorry I just thought they looked so cute in their castles.

 Everette awoke from her nap first and tried them out.
 Ella was mesmerized by my duck tape job

 When Everette crossed over into Ella's castle.....
 she got the boot.

I love my little princesses! 


  1. SO SO cute. I'm going to be doing this.

  2. I know that I already told you this but seriously that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. What a fun, creative mom you are... lucky girls!

  3. WHAT?! I love that you used pink tape. How can I make them?! I'm going to need step by step instructions for noncrafting lame moms...

  4. ha ha Crystal you can do it!!! It was really easy. Just use an old box and cut one side off. Then use that side to form a roof to the top flaps of the box. Only save two top flaps to the top of the box and cut the other two off. I got my duck tape at Micheal'ss with a 50% off coupon and it was like $2.00. I used an entire roll to make two houses. I planned on a tunnel and a sail boat too but i ran out of tape so you should do it and let me know how it goes!!!!!