Thursday, September 13, 2012


Someone woke up this morning and is a big 9 MONTHS!
Lets take a little look into a typical day for sweet Everette Jo.

She promptly starts her day off by getting into a little mischief

She enjoys eating peaches, oatmeal, banana and yogurt for breakfast. 
She is crawling all over the place now, claps, says mama and dada and waves hi and bye.
She also started giving open mouth kisses which is almost better then seeing your baby smile for the first time

She enjoys helping to unload the groceries.
Then we usually visit with some friends. 
Get into a little more trouble.
have a little lunch.

She naps 9-11 and then again from 1-4. She has quit her evening naps and goes to bed around 7:30-8.

After naps we.....get into more trouble.

wrestle a little with sister.

hang out with daddy when he gets home from work.
(why do dangerous things always happen when dads are home???)

Eat dinner.
She eats whatever we are eating and doesn't care for baby food. has 7 teeth to chomp all the piece.
She loves hot dog, salmon, blueberries, black beans and broccoli.
Still nursing about 4 times a day and her fair share at night too. :(

 Eat a little snack off the living room rug.
this is actually how she learned how to crawl. She saw Ella's popcorn on the carpet and she got up and just made a quick dash for it. And she has been crawling ever since.

 Enjoy a tubby with sister but always make sure to be touching her at all times.

Stories with mom and then off to bed around 8:00. 
Just a day in the life of a cute 9 month old
Ev is still such a good baby. She has a big gap between her front teeth and I love to see her smile. She is soooo different from Ella already. She enjoys reading on my lap and wont budge through five stories. Ella had one whole book eaten by the time stories were over. Love you Ever Jo

Ella at 9 months


  1. Oh goodness, what a cute baby girl. I'm so impressed that she eats so much regular food! AND takes a three hour nap in the afternoon?! Jealous. :)

  2. WHAT?! NINE months!! When did this happen?! What a doll, miss you guys.