Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We went to Disney World this past weekend and had a great time. Disney has always been my most favorite place on Earth. We planned on going from Friday afternoon till Monday morning but Hurricane Issac had other plans. We ended up leaving Sunday morning to beat the storm. It was one of the best trips for me because we got everything done that I wanted to and everything went as planned even after cutting the trip short. We were able to extend our last two days on our pass till February after a little complaining at costumer service. A skill I learned from my mom.

 Driving-- We left the house around 1:30 so the girls would nap most of the way. They each slept about an hour. Then I squeezed in the back with them and acted like a fool for two more hours to keep them happy.

Downtown Disney--We went straight to Downtown Disney and played in the giant Disney store for an hour. I seriously could have gone home after that point. That store was worth the three hour drive.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique-- I have wanted to take Ella to this boutique for months now since she has been so into princesses. We turned a corner in the giant Disney store and there it was. They said they only take reservations cause they are always so busy. They had no one in there due to the rain and they got Ella right in. I would totally recommend this for anyone who loves princesses. We watched you tube videos of it a few days before so Ella was fully prepared for the experience and she wouldn't be scared. Grandma was there so she spoiled Ella with a new Rapunzel dress and glass slippers. I had brought a dress Ella already had and some shoes too and was going to change her into that there just to save $100.00. But grandma wasn't having that. So we splurged and It was totally worth it. Now she has a new dress-up outfit and a Halloween costume for this Halloween. She dressed up in it the rest of the trip. Its in Downtown Disney and in the Castle at Magic Kingdom

Once upon a Toy-- There is a toy store in Downtown Disney that has Potato head Disney Pieces. You get a box and cram it full of pieces. It's $20 for how ever many pieces you can cram in. James and I were very strategic about this and defiantly got our money worth to add to our collection at home. This was so fun for us to pick out each piece. Tons of Disney movie pieces to choose from...We can't wait to go back.

The make-your-own Mr. Potato Head center.
They love them!
 Donald Duck Face

T-REX Restaurant-- This restaurant was so much fun in Downtown Disney and way better food and design then Rain forest cafe. We ate in the cave and thought the food was good and reasonably priced. Get a reservation then go walk around the wait is usually two hours but we waited ten minutes again due to the rain. 

DAY TWO-- We were up and ready to go to the park by 9 and enjoyed five or so rides before lunch. Small world was Everettes Fav. and Ella loved Dumbo.

Storybook Princesses-- As soon as you walk into the park on Main Street there is a sign up to the right for Storybook Princesses. I never knew this was there.You go inside a room and meet three princesses that change throughout the day. I ran up to ask about it and they said the wait is normally an hour but it had just opened so i grabbed Ella and we headed in. I would defiantly recommend this for anyone with a child who likes princesses. It was so special for Ella to get time with each princess. She saw Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel.

Lunch with Pooh and Friends-- Grandma made reservations to eat lunch at the Crystal palace on Main Street with Winnie the Pooh and friends. It was a Buffet and the food was amazing. Steak and Salmon..the works. James and I had never done this but wont go back to Disney without doing it every time. The Lunch prices were way cheaper then the dinner but still a ton of food. Eating at 11:50 keeps you full the rest of the day, essentially saving you more money by not eating dinner or snacks. We usually just grab hamburgers or pizza which ends up being around $30 for both of us. The food in Disney is HORRIBLE so eating at the Crystal palace was so worth it. Right before we left I made one more trip to the food and got deli sandwiches, fruit and cookies to go in the diaper bag for the rest of the day to snack on. 

Ella was terrified of the characters and hid in the stroller with her face covered. This ended up working out great cause we were able to really focus on Everette and enjoy Disney with her. She loved Tigger so much and would laugh out loud every time she caught a glimpse of him. Ella got an 1 1/2 nap while in hiding. The characters each come to the table a few times. Tigger, Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore.

Hotel--With full bellies we continued on for some more rides never waiting longer then 20 min. Around 3:00 we watched the parade. This is where Ella began to melt down and Everette had gotten a hold of my Popsicle and eaten the entire thing and it was EVERYWHERE. We then proceeded to the bus.

Staying in a Disney hotel is the way to go!!!! You are close to Disney and you save money by not having to park each day. Disney hotels drop you off right in front of the gate. We stayed at the Disney All-Star Resort. Which is a Disney Value resort. Not to pricey. Our room was great with a full kitchen and living room. The kitchen saved us money because we brought all of our own food from home in a cooler.We got the family suite which sleeps at least 7. We used their port a crib so we didn't have to bring our own. The couch, chair and foot rest all folded out into beds. 

Ella swam ( in her crown) while Everette took a three hour nap.

We went back to Disney around 7..still full from lunch and enjoyed some more rides with the girls. They were scared of the Fireworks at ten so we made a mad dash to the bus and ended up having to wait for it for a long time. They weren't in bed till 11:30. I wouldn't recommend staying that long with an 8 month old :(


Tea party with Princess Aurora-- Spoiled by grandma once again Ella was able to go the Grand Floridian Hotel and enjoy tea with a princess. She got up and got all dressed in her Princess Belle dress that I had brought from home. I did her hair all fancy and she was off. The Grand Floridian is a beautiful hotel and to my surprise there were only six girls at the Tea party so she got a lot of special attention. There was an American girl doll dressed as Aurora waiting for each child at their table and a charm bracelet and crown. They were told a story by Princess Rose Petal and then taught a dance and feed a yummy breakfast. Ella only ate the sprinkles off of her plate. Those were some VERY expensive sprinkles. Then Aurora came in the room and they showed her their dance and danced with her. Ella was in heaven.

It really was the best couple of days and I feel like we did a ton for only going to Disney One day. We can't wait to go back soon and use our last two days...

James made this during his lunch break yesterday of our little trip
Ella watches these videos James makes on repeat. I think she could watch them all day. I'm so grateful for them so she will always remember her vacations

We went to the keys the week before...
If your not totally board at this point here is that video :)


  1. You trip looked like so much fun! I really can't wait to get Collette the full treatment when she is old enough. Also, this is the weirdest thing but I got teary eyed watching that video. Why? No idea except I just kept thinking how happy Ella probably was while getting that hair do and stuff. Oh man, what little cuties. I really love your girls. And you.

  2. Oh P.S. Can James just go ahead and make me a playlist? I'm loving his music.

  3. So much fun! I love disney too, except we don't get to do the princess stuff! So glad you had a good time!

  4. Love everything about this post! Wish I could have been there with you guys. Can't wait to go with all of our kids in the future. The videos are great and a great way to capture, memories. Love both my little princesses!

  5. What a fun weekend! Glad you enjoyed FL while the storm was going on close to you out there!! Your little girls are absolutely adorable. Hoping we can have our kids meet one of these days somehow :)

  6. Fun. You make me want to pay all of that money to go to all of those fun places. Maybe some day. :)