Tuesday, August 21, 2012

messy messy meals

We have started eating our meals like a big girl at the table, so neat and tidy.......
I had forgotten how incredibly messy meal time is for an infant.
It's totally my fault cause I always let my girls play with and discover their food.
They throw food and mash food and very little food ends up in their mouth.

For example: here is ELLA at 8 months and I thought she had eaten all of her Macaroni like a big girl and then realized it was just stuck to her pants :(
 Here is ELLA again 


Meal time starts off innocent at our house, with a sweet family prayer and talk about how fun our day was.
(Ella eats without clothes on these days....but she usually does absolutely everything without clothes on ??)
 But then the conversation gets heated....
 and 98% of the time we end up on the table
 and then we usually calm down when the word "DESSERT" is mentioned.
We introduced ROOT BEER FLOATS to Ella last week.
When she realized that we were mixing SODA and ICE CREAM together in one cup she could barely contain herself!!!!!!
( this was a different night from the pictures above and still no clothes??)

 Please notice Everette's super proud face after she too had a few sips of this magic concoction!
Please do not notice her stained clothes.
(and notice she is wearing her OLDER sisters shorts.)

 But who doesn't want to kiss this messy face?
(Ella fed her licorice) 
Disclaimer: I DO indeed dress my children but I feel like they are changed so many times in the day due to messes or water play. I'm pretty sure it's because we live in Florida and are in the pool or water everyday.?

I also don't only feed my children soda and candy. 

We stain 70 of our clothes due to learning to feed our self

I'm so so so bad at remembering to use a bib :(


  1. Oh gosh I am laughing my head off right now. As I was reading through your post I just said in my head "Yep. Uh-huh. OH I can totally relate." And I love your disclaimers - though there would be nothing wrong with you as a mother if they were untrue. :)

  2. funny. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of Lydia all messy. :)

  3. Story of my life. Just this morning I had to wipe down my whole kitchen wall because Collette threw her cup with spinach smoothie and straw across the room. It sucked. Then I looked at her little smile and her face covered in the green muck and I couldn't even be upset. I'm in trouble.

  4. Your kids are so dang cute! And I'm quite familiar with the messy eater situation. I've got TWO of them and the one is teaching the other how to throw his milk and food on the floor, so now the mess is double and literally everywhere. I keep telling Zach I'm going to invent some sort of contraption to attach under a high chair that would catch everything as it falls and funnel it into a little pile for easier clean-up... sigh... :)