Friday, August 3, 2012

Water taxi

The Fort Lauderdale water taxi leaves right out of our back yard ! We were super excited to check it out so when James got home from work we hoped on the boat.

It was so fun and we really got to see a lot of Fort Lauderdale. We had NO plan and were just going with the flow... Come to find out if you just " go with the flow" your on the boat for 2 hours before your back home. The good news is after we stepped off the boat we were only steps away from our front door and laid the girls down for bed.

There were so many amazing homes. Most were selling for 16-20 million. We learned about yachts and the celebrities that live on the water as well as a little history of the homes.

we got off once to switch boats and Ella decided to rest her sea legs
wind blown hair
she picked out this "boating" outfit
( pants she wore when she was 11 months...still fit? and Everette's 6 month shirt)


  1. That looks so fun! We definitely need to give it a try!!

  2. That is one of our favorite things to do when visitors come. We love it. Also, I'm missing you like crazy. Looks like we aren't making it hone until Tuesday. Promise me we'll hang out wednesday!