Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sittin pretty

Can I tell you how nice it is to have a baby that can sit up!

Everette has entered a new phase in her life and we are all loving it. She is so into playing with toys right now and digging things out of buckets

Her favorite thing at the moment is sitting in the tubby and talking really loud to hear her voice echo. It's also the only place she is safe from her big sister. She scoots and scoots her bum till she is right up to the faucet.

Grocery shopping with 20 pounds strapped to your chest was getting pretty insane so I am loving her in the shopping cart now. She thinks it's the greatest thing on earth. She tries to use Ella's wheel and then they fight and push each other. I got Ella a donut from the bakery the other day and after ten minutes I looked down and ever had stollen it and was inhaling the whole thing. No exaggeration!!!!
Does anyone else have a hard time shopping and pushing a giant race car or rocket ship down each isle?? These carts are hard to push but it's the only way Ella with travel. James is ables to grocery shop with me now ( yeah for boards being over!) so that's super helpful but he was confused at to how I do it alone each week pushing the awkward shopping cart.


  1. I so love the little bum in the tub. Ever is growing way too fast for Grandpa and Jillyn. We want to just hold her and squeeze her. Ella and her little princess shoes on in the shopping cart is great too. Target has a huge princess section here in the toy department. I think of Ella every time I walk past it. I'm tempted to send something else but I don't dare as she is so obsessed with it. We miss you guys and love you. Reminder: send some dates for a visit that would work for you. (time of year and optimal month/week.) Love, Dad and Jillyn.

  2. She is so cute. I can't believe that she is old enough to sit up.

  3. So cute! I also struggle with the shopping carts, but mainly because there seems to always be at least one of the straps/clips broken so they just try to climb out the whole time. Fun stuff! Life is so great when babies can sit up, but still not really go anywhere!! :)

  4. We could never shop without those carts. Owen and Collette love it and it is the most awkward thing ever. Today I ran right into this 70 year old lady's cart. Oops...
    Also, I love that little bum.