Monday, August 6, 2012

my funny little babies

We moved to a new neighborhood and went on a walk to check out all the beautiful big houses. Ella walked up to this house and went right up to the front door. It really threw me off and I was so confused why she would think to do this. I asked her to come back as she was knocking on the front door. She said this to me..."I have dance class here mom" "ballet class for me today at academy" It all started to click and I knew instantly what she was talking about. Only a mother would know right??

Camembert Academy is where Angelina Ballerina goes to school to study ballet. A new show Ella is very into these day. She is all about being a Rina (ballerina) morning, noon and night.

Here's the Camembert Academy which is totally hilarious to me that she put these two things together and was insistent about attending dance classes at the house across the street.

                         And here is the house across the street. She is devastated that they didn't let her in
 She usually watches "Angelina Ballerina" from here...without clothes on...cause who gets dressed anymore before 4:15??????

She saw a picture of this guy in a book we were reading the other day and said " look mom it's Home Depot" she meant Pinocchio of course. Sounds close enough

We were on the way home from the Mall the other day and i handed her a juice box to keep her awake in the car on our long drive home. The straw was missing so i bit a hole in the top of the box (while merging onto the freeway of course) and she was struggling to drink out of my hole. After a few miles I looked back and she had poured her whole juice box into her shoe and was using it as a cup. if she breaks out in a fungal infection in her mouth you will know why.
 James found this statue at the Miami zoo and thought Everette needed to get a closer look. she instantly became quite thirsty

Speaking of James...when he brings in the groceries for me he thinks he need to do every single bag all at once. So when he showed me an example of him bringing in the groceries I had to laugh.

My baby wakes every night a couple time to be held and kissed she doesn't even want to nurse and most of the time she is just talking and singing in her bed. SO when I saw this onsie i had to laugh and may need to purchase it for baby Evy
We tended my friend Jill's baby and it was fun to have another baby in the house. If I didn't get so deathly ill during pregnancy I would want a houseful of babies. Anyway her name is Avery and that wasn't registering with Ella to well so she called her baby Angry the whole day. "mom go get that baby Angry she needs to nurse on you" Don't worry I didn't nurse someone else baby but Ella tried to nurse her and that was fun. Everette wanted her hands on baby Angry at all times.  Avery is a gem and never made a peep so her nickname was not very fitting.


  1. Hahaha! I love those girls. And I LOVE the house across the street. I'd stay in FLL if I could have that house. Only with you guys across the street of course :)

  2. Haha This post made me laugh. We need to see you guys as soon as my family leaves.

  3. I love the boobs and I especially love the grocery bags story, same here!

  4. I can't stop laughing at this post. I just reread the whole thing to Ty. I love those girls. And I love the pic of James and the statue. So hilarious. Also, why is Ella so hilarious? I swear everything that comes out of her mouth is darling/so so funny. Have I told you we miss you guys?

  5. P.S. I guess I really did find this post hilarious. How redundent of me...

  6. Great post. I love the bit about Ella drinking from her shoe!! And Zach carries all the groceries in one trip EVERY time. Definitely a guy thing! :)

  7. :) Baby Angry misses you guys. Thanks for keeping us up to speed even though we're not around right now. Hope everything is GREAT!!! - Jillian