Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Favorite time of day

Both my girls start making noise in their room around 8am. I go get Everette first, then as I open Ella's door Ever let's out a loud yelp and kicks her lets ferociously, anxious to be reunited with her sister.

Then I lay Everette right up close to Ella and they reconnect after a long night. I have been laying them next to each other every single morning since Everette has been born...even when Ella was still in a crib. They both love this so much and often switch blankets or share the same one and suck their fingers for a few minutes.

I love it the most though!! I love seeing to bond develop between them each day. I love their friendship and can't wait for them to become best friends. Maybe crawling into each others beds each morning to carry on the tradition? Talking about boys, school, how weird their dad is?? Stuff like that.

I love my little thumb suckers:)

Everette is often removed from the bed when curiosity gets the best of Ella and her finger ends up touching Everette's eyeball. Ever defends herself pretty well...never having to release her thumb from her mouth of course!


  1. I wish I could just squeeze in between the two of them! That would be pure heaven...

  2. That is the best thing ever. There is no way that would fly here. Owen would body slam Collette within the first two minutes guaranteed.

  3. Haha the last pic is great! The thumb suck/defensive block.