Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I was pretty much pregnant last week and now somehow I have a baby that is half a year old????
Not sure how this happened.

She is rolling over front to back/ back to front all over the house
She tries so hard to arch her back and fall out of the bumbo
She has started eating rice crackers, banana and rice cereal
She love ice, strawberries and frozen grapes in this thing
She smiles all day and laughs a lot if you nibble in just the right places
She loves reading books with just mama each night
Nurses all day and still hasn't had a bottle
Sleeps three naps a day and 13 hours at night but has taken a liking to nursing twice a night now (we will blame it on a six month growth spurt??)

17 pounds.....I think Ella was 21 months when she was 17 pounds :)

So in celebration of her half birthday
I did what any good parent would do
I handed her an ICE CREAM CONE !!!!!
 She loved every single minute of it!

 Checking out sister to see if she got one too
yep sis was there making just as big of a mess
 I would try and help clean up the mess with some licks but she would go nuts when it was time to share
 Things quickly got out of control!!!!!

 I finished off the cone and she threw a pretty big fit.
This was the moment when I realized she might be a little bit more like her sister then we thought.
Don't let her sweet, mellow demeanor fool you anymore!
 Ella quickly tried to comfort her but this turned into chocolate being smeared from one child to another.
I wrapped them both up in this blanket and all three of us had to take a nice long bath.
And if you can imagine that turned into a huge mess too.


Here is Ellie at six months!
 (I gave this outfit away when Everette couldn't fit her head through the shirt at three months :)


  1. I miss those babies so much! I think Ever likes chocolate ice-cream!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to get back and give those baby girls some kisses! Also, I would throw a fit if you took my ice cream cone away too. Smart girl.

  3. I love those girls! Ever is hilarious with her ice cream cone! I can't believe how fast she and Ella are growing up!