Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bladder Control

So last month we began OPERATION BIG GIRL BED and I would like to report that Ella still hasn't set foot out of her big girl bed.  I am always anticipating her figuring out that she can play instead of nap but she chooses nap every day and is still napping 2 1/2 hours a day. 

So this month we began OPERATION BLADDER CONTROL.
I didn't want to start Ella to early because I have seen so many kids revert back once a sibling is born. I also didn't want to have to be cleaning up pee from the carpets and sheets. I waited till she was ready and showing signs of excellent bladder control and could communicate with me about how she was feeling. I also didn't want to start then back out of it and start again another time. I wanted her to know I was serious about the switch.

Two weeks ago she woke up from 12 hours of sleep and her diaper was dry. I quickly went into OPERATION BLADDER CONTROL MODE. She got out of bed and I striped her down. We got a giant bag and filled it with her baby diapers and walked them over to the baby who lives next door. (she returned them to me for Everette of course) 

saying bye bye to her baby diapers
She gets a sticker each time she uses the potty and a treat from the "potty jar"
I didn't want to follow any techniques or methods cause each kid is so different and I just wanted Ella to be in charge of how it went. She got excited about candy and stickers so we went with that. I told her if we filled the sticker chart we could go to ice cream. 

SO the week began.....naked for most of the week and we stayed home just about the entire week. It rained all week and friends were out of town so it really worked out well. I wanted noting touching her skin not even panties so she had no where for the pee to go. Being naked was incredibly hard for someone who changes in and out of princess attire constantly through out the day.

Day 5- ZERO ACCIDENTS.........

You get the point. It has been two whole weeks and Ella has yet to have an accident in the house, in bed or in public. I think I just lucked out with this one. Don't get me wrong, pee has begun to trickle down her leg but she is in the process of running to the potty to finish the job. She has also started pooping in her panties once and I grabbed her and she finished on the potty. I couldn't believe how well she took to it. She says "mom pee pee is coming and runs over to sit on her potty. I wanted her to only use a big potty but the little one has been way better. When I am nursing or cooking she can go and do it herself and wipe. I don't have to stop what i'm doing to come running to assist her. I keep it in the living room so she has quick and easy access. She also uses the big potty and has peed in five different store potty's. I am so excited this has been so easy. I don't think I could have handled accidents all day and I would have backed out of it thinking she wasn't ready and didn't have the bladder control.

peeing in heels is a typical event these days in the Sorensen house

Here is her very first outing in panties!!!!

I only had 4 pair of panties for the first two weeks so I am very glad she only wore one pair each day.
Today we made a special trip to Target and she picked out some Princess panties for doing so good on her potty. She was actually grabbing herself a ton while picking out panties so I grabbed her and with Everette strapped to my chest we ran to the potty and she held it the whole way and went.

 Pretty much after each time she goes on the potty James and I look at each other and say "really it's that easy?" She has made it a really fun, stress free adventure. She is so very proud of herself and loves all of her new princess panties. She says "no pee pee on Cinderella mom" I shrunk them down and they fit pretty well around her tiny waist.
We are so proud of her and make a huge deal out of each little tinkle. She is getting so big!
The candy jar is empty and the sticker chart is just about full! She doesn't really ask for the candy anymore and the sticker chart is old news. 


  1. YAY! We lucked out lady! Let's hope all of our kids do so well with potty training! YAY Ella! Give her a big hug for me... we're missing you guys!

  2. Grandma is so proud of you Ella. I was getting daily updates the first few days,and now it's just old news. Ella pee-pees in the potty! Love your princess panties Ella James.

  3. Way to Go Ella Bella! That is awesome! I am glad that she didn't take after her auntie who still wet the bed at 5 years old. Wonder who that was.... So glad the potty training went well and she is doing so good! Kudos to you Jos!