Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moving Madness

Moving is always such a joy!
Packing with two small children is exciting and wonderful.
Actually I hate moving. It is honestly a six month process. I started packing boxes months ago and have been moving stuff to our new place since the first of June. We are paying rent on two places at the moment which is also super exciting. James is in the tail end of Board studies so I haven't wanted to move him from his little work space. I go with a car load a few times each week to unpack and organize while the girls sleep.

Saturday is the official move in day and then I get to come back to the old apt a few nights during the week and clean that. So really I just love moving so much.

At least the new place is so exciting to move to. Ella calls it the Mango tree house because there are giant mango trees and avocado trees full of yummy fruit. She picks up a mango each time we go and runs around the yard naked with it. Yes naked and she has peed on the lawn twice already. I didn't want to run her into the house so we just found a cozy patch of grass. It's a 100 year old house in a fun part of Fort Lauderdale. Not the fanciest of living conditions (no dishwasher, one bathroom) but we really wanted the girls to grow up playing a ton outside so this is the perfect place for that.

the back of the main house
(we will live in the apt. attached to the main house and no one live in the main house so we get to have the property all to ourselves.)

part of the backyard
 We love watching the boat go by in the evening

Our closet threw up last sat and we shoved everything in a box and took it to the new place. Then realized we weren't moving for a week and James and I have been wearing the same two outfits for a week.

James wanted me to dump this box of papers for him. It's four months worth of notes. I haven't been able to get my self to do it yet cause I'm so afraid he will need something from this box one day twenty years from now.

What do you do when you have a two year old and you want to store all the boxes in her room?????

You make her a fairy princesses snow white Rapunzel castle
of course!!!!

And she was so happy in there and didn't come out for days :)


  1. Fun we need to come play at your new place. Lydia is missing Ella.

  2. You survived the move!!! I can't wait to come visit you guys and watch the boats go by with the girls! Can't wait to see how this next chapter of your lives pans out!