Thursday, July 12, 2012


I"m super addicted to these......
And these
(this is becoming a huge problem in my daily life and I'm considering seeking help if anyone has any advice??)
and this stuff is crazy good too...don't let the healthy words like "granola" and "flax-seed" fool you its pretty much like eating a bowl of dessert each morning and not feeling bad about it. Target!!! 

I have begun to understand why I was called a "cabbage patch doll" when I was a wee lad. Everette is going for the same look
 BY THE WAY.... If you know baby Ever you know that she sucks her thumb. you may not know that she has to have something in her hand at in order to do so. Sometimes it's toys
Sometimes your hand
or random objects
but mostly she grabs onto my shirt all day and uses it as a blankie.
If she is near me at all she is tugging at my shirt

 Ella wrote a letter to Disney world and got a little postcard in the mail a week later. She was thrilled but now she talks about Disney 24/7 and I'm not sure if my husband will ever get a break long enough to go :( I heard via Pinterest that if you write as a little boy they send CARS movie and peter pan postcards too. You just say who their fav. character is. 
 Potty training is still going great.  She goes all night and naps too in underwear now. It hasn't been that great on her health though. She still thinks she get rewarded after every single pee or poo. I too reward myself after using the bathroom and this is why I can't loose those last ten pounds. Here she is eating her potty sucker and my potty cookie.
James' mom sent Ellie these water beads.
They last forever and are super fun
you can buy them here

This is about two tablespoons of the beads.
You put them in water and they grow and are squishy and fun
Ella had so much fun with them for a long time until she discovered that they bounce like a bouncy ball and then our carpet was pink and mama was stressed.

oh ya and I'm also 100% addicted to these
and if you haven't tried them......DON'T

Did you know they have super mini cones??? Ella and i found them in the store and they are just her size. It still takes her 75 min. to finish it off but I don't feel as bad giving them to her.
 Took lots of breaks from unpacking this week and found a cute little park. 
The girls love to swing.

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  1. You are making me so hungry right now! Why do you do that to me? I need more details on this writing to Disney thing. Owen would love that. Also, I think Ever does look just like my baby doll "Rudy". I loved her! Also, you're making me hungry. I need to come to your house for my cheat day. You've got way better things that chocolate chips from the fridge drawer.