Saturday, May 5, 2012

home depot day

Most of my buddies know this already..... but did you know that Home Depot does a free craft for kids the first Saturday of every month?? If you didn't you should go. The kids get an apron and a pin for every craft they complete. Ella has three pins so far and loves it so much. 

Today they were making a planter box for Mothers day.

Ella- "mom I use the hamburger?"
Mom- "what???"
Ella- " I hamberg with the hamburger?"
Mom- "oh yes honey you can use the hammer."

I really love it when she zones out and watches cars drive by and hamburgers my fingers. 
Once finished she painted it and held it up to me and said..
"mom I make a baby bed"

So we promptly went home to play babies while Everette napped.

Sooo I lucked out this year and got a baby bed for Mothers day! Yay for me!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. I LOVE Ella and I love you. Seriously... I feel really lucky for my friends here, so lucky.

  2. Oh Ella! She is looking so grown up! I don't like it, tell her to stop growing! Wish you lived day, right?

  3. Lydia loved that idea. We will have to let her babies sleep in hers.