Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 Months and 27 months

Baby Ever is five months old this week!!!!!
She just got shots and did great. So happy the whole visit.
15lb 8oz

She really is smiling like this 24/7 so don't think I just get lucky and she smiles when she sees the camera.
Discovered that papa has prickles on his face and she likes it!
She loves Ella and enjoys watching her play
Ok so when wearing mustaches she doesn't smile, but that's about the only time she doesn't.
Ever is doing great. She is happy and healthy. She has started rolling from her back to stomach all over the place. She has two little bottom teeth already and is becoming more interested in food when we are eating. She nurses wonderful and sleeps through the night. I couldn't ask for a more pleasant baby girl. Love her!

           Ella is 27 months and no words are really needed in describing what she has been up to lately.                                                                       

It's about all we do around here these days. Dress up in gowns, look for rings that have fallen behind the couch, putting on heels, finding just the right princess song on Pandora for her, watching princess movies, mommy wearing crowns and then going to the grocery store without realizing the crown was still on my head...... fun stuff I tell ya. She Still hasn't set foot out of her big girl bed without me right next to her. Sleeping great through the night and eating great too. She is 23 pounds now. That's a 2 pound weight gain in 2 months. I was so excited to hear the news!! We love our princess.

Mama has been makin bows like crazy
Oh and I FINALLY started Ever's scrapbook
 Papa has been doing this
Who even knows what papa looks like these days???? All we see is the back of his head.


  1. Why didn't you take a picture of you with a crown on your head? That's what I came to see!

  2. Oh and YAY for 2 lb. weight gain!!!