Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Ella has not wanted to move out of her crib. 
Ella wants to stay and Everette is ready to move in
So I'm stuck with this:
We have a full size bed in her room with a guard rail and she says "No big girl bed mom"
My intentions for the full size bed were to put both girls in it to sleep together when they were 2 and 4. 
Once I had another baby I realized it is so tricky to have little ones share a room. They sleep so differently.
Everette is taking three naps a day which would mean Ella would be blocked out of her room all day. 

They both sleep 12-14 hours straight through the night, but no telling when someone needs to start crying and then I'm stuck with two babies awake at 1am.

We are moving soon so I wanted to get Ella adjusted in a bed before she was scared in a new room with a new bed. 

The girls both take a nap from 1-4 each and everyday so at 1:04pm I went onto craigslist. I found a white wooden toddler bed for $30, mattress included!!! Ikea is $100 without the mattress and I have looked numerous other places. I ran over to the girls house and took the whole bed apart so it would fit in my car. I then put the whole bed back together and then at 4:05 the girls woke up to a surprise in the living room. I was praying it would fit through the bedroom door cause there was no way I was taking the bed apart again.


The best thing I could have done with Ella is wait till after she turned two to move her. She was holding on to infancy and with the new baby I didn't want to stress her. I'm all for prolonging childhood. Why grow up to fast???? I'm glad I waited because she never said a word all night long. James and I sat down with her to say a little prayer before bed that night. We said everything we wanted her to know about her bed....she would be safe, mommy and daddy are near by. She knows she can't get out of bed and if she needs us to just yell. She sleeps all night and takes every nap in there. She hasn't once gotten out of bed and hasn't once asked for her crib. It has been so great. I was expecting it to be much harder with lots of messes. Worth the wait for sure!!!!!!
Everette can't wait to get a bed of her own. I can't wait to have two little matching toddler beds!!!
She is pretty anxious to get out of her room AKA .......our......
Poor thing sleeps in our walk in closet. It's dark and quiet and she sleeps great. 14 hours through the night and wonderful naps each day. Now she can move into the crib and get some fresh air. 
And James and I can go into our closet again. 
Oh the joy of Medical school life!!!!!!
So happy to move on to new thing with the big girl bed but sad to see my little, tiny Ellie growing up so fast. I am so grateful the transition was a piece of cake and no one has lost sleep over it. She hasn't set foot outside the bed without me right there. I wonder if she thinks a monster in under her bed?????


  1. I had a monster under my bed but not until I was 6. That was, of course, before TV where there are lots of monsters. Anyway. Great Blog. Love reading it every day. Daddy.

  2. Oh I'm so happy she transitioned well! Owen loved sleeping in his from day one as well. We haven't ever had an issue with him getting out of it. I'm totally jealous though that they aren't in the same room. It was super hectic at first but I think everyone is finally getting the hang of each others sleeping patterns... Anyway, can't wait to see you Wednesday and catch up!

  3. Oh good. I am glad that you got a bed for her finally and that she likes it. I hope it keeps going well.

  4. Awesome! I am glad that you did it on your own time and that Ella loves it! I am so proud of her and she looks so dang cute next to her bed. Love and miss those babies!