Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonderful Week of Water table

SO we got a water table months and months ago.
Ella mostly gets butt naked and sits in it all day.
So I wanted to spice things up a bit.
But really I have been feeling like a bad mommy lately. I guess I got burnt out from all those years teaching and having to be creative every second of the day. I need to step it up with my kids and make every second of their day a magical, learning experience. 

MONDAY- rice and animals
 TUESDAY- giving babies a bath

 WEDNESDAY- green spaghetti worms
THURSDAY- Painting with shaving cream

 but really just making a crazy mess
 FRIDAY- bean, beans, beans


  1. BAD MOMMY?! Um... can we come over and participate in these amazing activities with you sometime so Molly doesn't watch Tangled for the tenth time every day? Serious.

  2. Where is the Chocolate pudding day? Grampa

  3. Wait... you are the LEAST bad mommy I know. I strive to be you. I may copy every single one of these ideas next week because I'm too lame to come up with creative stuff myself. Also, I miss you. PLEASE let's hang out next week. PLEASE!

  4. Love this. I really need to get a water table so I can do some of this stuff.