Monday, April 23, 2012


My childhood Doll house has arrived. I saved pretty much everything from when I was little. I'm super, overly sentimental. I couldn't imagine my kids not growing up with my exact same toys that I loved so much. Weird thinking for an 11 year old but then again I am pretty weird. I wonder when Ella will want to use my Ninja Turtle sheets in her crib???? Or play with my pog collection or my micro machines???

I'm sure glad i saved this thing though cause Ella LOVES it. And it saved us hundreds of dollars if we were to buy a new one for her.

She still hasn't figured out why she can't fit through the front door. she is quite persistent though and tries each morning. 

 I'm still not sure why I was into Polygamy as a small child but I thought three mommies and one dad was the way to go. Which probably explains the 13 children I collected over the years with their 13 little beds. 

 I too have loved having the doll house back. It gives Ella a wonderful outlet for dramatic play time. She is constantly screaming and talking in her room and when I run in there she is just having the people talk. Mommy and daddy fight over who gets to hold the baby the most. I'm glad that's all they fight about. 
 I do not enjoy having to play "dahouse" 67 times a day. She really just likes having the people talk to each other. She doesn't even enjoy decorating the house yet??? How fun is that???
Who wants to play "dahouse" if you don't even get to decorate?


  1. Love that dollhouse! The girls are going to have so much fun playing with it just like we did!

  2. I love that you kept all of your toys. I throw EVERYTHING out. I'm the worst. I need some of your sentimentalness (is that a word? I need it).