Wednesday, October 12, 2011

countin down!

We are not only counting down to baby in our house....8 more weeks folks! We are counting down to Halloween! We are taking Ella to Disney world for a few days with friends the weekend of Halloween so we are supper excited.

My friend Amie gave me this cute idea to help Ella have fun counting down to the big day. I made it, it was supper easy and she loves it!

Bought a wooden pumpkin from Micheal's (coupon) painted it and added craft paper with modpodge glue. Then added some Velcro, there were 31 holes in the pumpkin for pegs too if you wanted. I also added paper to the back so I can flip it around during the day so she isn't constantly reminded of CANDY! Then I can leave it up through thanksgiving too if I'm not super sick of it by then :)

Then the candy went on with velcro
According to our "countdown" pumpkin there is only 3 days left till Halloween!!!!
When Ella tilts her head to the side and looks up at me and says "treat mom Plllleeaaassssseeee"

this will become a huge problem in the near future...for sure


  1. So cute Jos! Hey random question but do you have the Alphabet song from Challenger? I'm DYING to for it! We need to chat or something! It's been too long...

  2. yep I burned all the songs I liked before I left the school! I have everything, opening, science, holiday, pacers and dances! email me and well figure out a way to get it to you!!!

  3. Cute idea! I bet we could make one for all of the holidays!