Sunday, October 9, 2011

California Trip!

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our California trip! My computer was in the shop for three weeks so I'm a little behind in blog land. Let me tell you though I sure got a ton done during naptimes without a computer to distract me. Lots of sewing and nesting.
Ella and I flew 9 hours across the country to my Parents in California. She was so good on all the flights and layovers. I found my self running through the airport 7 months pregnant during layovers just to make the next flight. Thank goodness she didn't have to sit atop my huge belly the whole time. There was always an empty seat for Ella.

We were snatched up at the Airport and on our way. one of the first things I did was show Ella what "real" grass looks like. Florida has pretty stinky stuff called "grass" but it's really just sharp blades of green weeds that you can't roll around in or even walk barefoot in.
My parents are selling their home so I had to pack up my childhood and ship it off to Florida.
Ella had plenty to do to keep her self entertained while I busily packed and sorted through old doll houses and barbies.
We got to eat out at lots of yummy places that don't exist in Florida !
She loved Uncle Landon(11) and Auntie Myah(8)
Ella quickly found that she had a lot in common with her Aunt.
They both like to suck their finger while holding their blankies
They also both like to practice Gymnastics in the house
Ella got to go to a real life Gymnastics class so Grandma thought she should look the part.
Grandpa and Ella had so much fun playing together
He loves her so much he sacrificed comfort to tough it out at the baby table because he knew she would love it so much.
And she loved her time with Grandma
Ella loved going places with Grandma and reading stories with her at night.

We got to do so many fun things, chuck e cheese, swimming, shopping, merry go round

But when the week was all over and our full day of flying came to an end.......Little Ellie was ready to come home to her daddy
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  1. cute. looks like you had a fun trip. i had that fisher price dollhouse growing up and saved it and now molly plays with it and loves it. :)

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic trip! Wish i could have gone and spent some quality time with you all!