Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BIG B little b

My very first sewing projects on a real sewing machine was Christmas 2009... one month before Ella was born. I thought it would be special to Ella if her mommy had made her blanket. I wanted it to be silky and soft. Who wouldn't love that?

Little did I know she would end up loving it to death! She is obsessed with her blankie. I had a feeling things would work out this way......so while making her big blankie I also made one for the diaper bag and church so she wouldn't have to lug a big one around. I also made a mini one to have in the car...just in case. She calls them BIG B and little b???
Now BIG B only stays in her crib for sleeping. She has actually never really cried when put in bed because she knows it's there for her. Ever since she has learned that her arm fits through the crib bars BIG B comes out very often. Little b is around in case she is having a melt-down somewhere away from home and I whip him out of the diaper bag. She calms down so fast with her blankies.
One negative thing about the blankie is it causes her to suck her finger the WHOLE time it is in her little paws. Something dad wants to put a stop to NOW and mom doesn't care as long as it stops before she is three.
8 hours old and already loving BIG B
often found shoved in her jammies for easy carrying
Of course baby number 2 always gets majorly neglected. I am trying to put a stop to that trend and get a head start and her scrapbook and baby blanket. I may even try and take 1,987 pictures of her before her first birthday too like her big sis. I was tempted to go buy her a blankie but then Ella's would be homemade and new baby would have a tag on hers :( So grandma Sorensen came to town and we hit up the fabric store like always!!!!!!!!!
Here is new babies BIG B and little b
Now they can be twiners and I wont have one mad at me when they are all grown up for showering one more with HOMEMADE LOVE
All ready for baby to come!
Ellie was sooooo mad I was taking pictures of her love. She had to take action.


  1. So cute! You are so talented!

  2. She just melts my heart! I can't believe how big she is getting. She is going to be such an great and fantastic sister... like me :)