Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes choosing between passion fruit mellon and strawberry vanilla is just to hard for a 16 month old.
If mom really loved me she would let me get both!!!
They both smell so good and do wonders for my skin. Made with all natural minerals too!
I must sample more ......

Honest to goodness these are real events happening in my life. I did not place that purse on my very young child's shoulder to get some cute pictures. This is just what I'm living with every day.

When I mention the words bye bye, Ella grabs her purse and heads to the door. She takes it to every store with us. I went into "Bath and Body" the other day for a candle and Ella was in love. She lotions everyday and is pretty much obsessed with all things girly. She dabs her finger in the lid and gently wipes her checks.

We must have sampled 60 different scents before I couldn't take the smell anymore and we had to leave. She threw a little fit on the way out the door. She tried on six purses while we were there and looked in every mirror to wink and herself.

Not sure who is influencing this behavior???? Cause its a rare day when I remember deodorant. And you are lucky if i remember to glance in the mirror on the way out the door to make sure food isn't in my hair or eyebrows. The other day a spider crawled out of my hair and I almost cried thinking more of them were living in there.


  1. haha you knew you'd have a girly girl... come on jos! miss seeing ya lady :)

  2. Haha such a girly girl. I love it. Lydia carries a purse with her too.

  3. I think James is influencing her, I see him trying on purses at stores too.

  4. Not to mention how many mirrors he winks at.