Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Month with Papa

James has had the whole month of June off from his busy school schedule. Since I have met James he hasn't had this much time off. Every year he has been in school and every summer he has worked his pants off till the day school starts again. Soooooo this has been quite a treat!

We have been very busy since James has been off. Lots of quality time with Ella. She is going to be quite sad next week when he puts those dusty scrubs back on and walks out the door.

We wrestled each night before bed

We learned to play the piano

Got to advance to a big girl carseat

Kids waterpark

Sea Aquarium

The beach three to four times a week

Story time/craft time every Wednesday

Made some homemade Pops

Chuck E Cheese

Learned to do this

Went to Utah for a wedding!

The weather was amazing and seeing family and friends was fun!

We took elle to the children's museum
She was the only child in that place that soaked herself from water play! we had to strip her down for the car ride home.
Learned to long board

Went to the ZOO

A little Shopping
She has transformed into quite a big girl.....turning 17 months today! She loves her few babies and sleeps with them and bathes with them and loves them so!

Thank goodness cause.......

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  1. So so so dang excited! I can't wait to meet the new addition when he/she comes! I think its going to be a boy! Or a girl! Ha ha! Love you so much!