Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For Jake!

My brother Jacob called the other day in a panic. He said it had been far to long sense i had updated my blog. Wellllll ok I have been busy. I also haven't taken pictures of Ella lately. So I got on my email and copied the four pictures james has emailed me from his phone while on dates with Ella. SO here you go Jake!

#1 James faces his phone toward himself and ella looks in the screen and copies each face he makes. He has a ton of funny ones I need to post soon. She loves her papa!
#2 Auntie Kaila Jo came all the way to Florida to visit (Kidnap ella) She had fun sleeping in Ella's room and waking up with her each morning at 6:50am. Ella has a tendency to think everything is hers so she enjoyed two ice cream cones while on Kaila's lap.
#3 Always a cost conscious shopper
#4 Just a sweet face to look at. She is growing up quite fast. Her new words this week are: Crackers, bubbles, juice and tant tu "thank you"
That should hold you over for a bit Jake!


  1. These will work...for NOW!

  2. I agree with Sarah! Ella is such a cutie! She is growing up WAY TOO FAST!