Friday, January 28, 2011

One Year!

Dear Ella,
One year ago today I gave birth to my little Ella Bean and you have made me the happiest mommy on earth....holding back tears! You are truly the best baby girl ever, with such a sweet demeanor about you. You gives me kisses when I ask, let me read tons of stories to you each day, sleep like a champ and eat anything I stick in your mouth. You love your mommy and daddy and we can't imagine our life without you. You have an incredible spirit straight from heaven. You are going to do great and wonderful things when you get big! Thank you for smiling everyday when I walk into your room to open the blinds and kiss your lips, thank you for teaching me how to be a mommy and how to laugh all day, and thank you for coming into my life one year ago today and changing me forever. I am stronger, more loving and sillier with you by my side. We are the best of friends my little bean!

I thought I would document your big day and put up pictures as they came off my camera. There are tons but believe it or not I didn't capture everything I wanted. LIKE YOUR FIRST FIVE STEPS RIGHT BEFORE YOU WENT TO BED! (bad mommy)

7:15 am
Dad and I were so excited for your birthday we let you open one before dad left for school.
A new push toy that turns into a bike from Grandma Reber! you loved it all day, especially when you found candies in the little basket that daddy had snuck in there before he went to school when mommy wasn't looking.
The best part of my morning was watching you push the little car around the house without knowing wrapping paper was stuck to your bum!
9 -10am

Park with friends

A present came in the mail from Germany! Thank you Tom and Lyndsey for the homemade gifts. Ella had fun playing dress up.

12:40 pm
Skyped with Grendma Reber while she watched Ella open her new play purse and bath toys. She loved the purse and the doll for the tub really pees! Here she is wearing jewelry from the purse later in the day looking like a cupcake!
1- 4pm

Dressed for her little girl friends to come over. We didn't plan on doing anything sense she won't remember anyway. Then the night before James thought it would be a blast to have a few of Ella's little girl friends over. I'm so glad he did because Ella had so much fun with her friends!
The skirt didn't last long because it was impossible to crawl in

Opened present from Uncle Brian who came over for your special day

New Glasses
Here she is opening Brian's present and taking her time with each piece of tape. It was the sweetest thing ever and I probably started crying

Tried to Skype with Grandma Sorensen but it wasn't working. We wanted to thank her for this amazing little doll. On one side it's a little red head
Turn it inside-out
and you have this little sweetie......handmade!
And from Auntie Michelle..... A new (homemade) Crayon case

Friends arrive and we eat...pulled pork burritos, chipotle ranch pasta and watermellon.
we split up like it was a Junior high dance???

Little girls screamed.....loud, played inside and out with their fun balloons!


And ten minutes later.....

Tubby to get the ever so thick frosting off of baby. She stuck it way up her a tubby was our only option.

Jammies and balloon time
Skyped with Auntie Kaila....Thanks for the "wheels on the bus" book
Opened more presents!
Little Lydia.....Thanks for the "no spill" bubbles
Little Malina.....Thanks for the shopping cart and monkey
Little Lea......Thanks for the puppy that says my name

Everyone home and ella off to bed
Thank you to everyone who made Ellas day so special. It makes me so happy that she is loved by so many Friends and Family


  1. I am so glad you captured her day so well. It looks like she had the time of her life. And I have never seen anything so funny as her and her birthday cake. She really loved that cake. Very,very sweet. Love you to pieces Baby Beans!!

  2. Happy B-day little Ella! You are lucky to have such a good mommie

  3. I wish I was at the party! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! I could not stop laughing at the video... that girl can eat!