Thursday, February 3, 2011

The After Party

*It has been a week sense Ella's big bash and we are enjoying our new big one year old girl!

*Saturday morning came and everyone was still pretty exhausted from having four little, screaming girls over to the house.

*I woke up and obviously wasn't invited to the party on the couch with Uncle Brian. Just boys and one year olds allowed I guess!

*Not my type of party anyway.......

Ella let us know that it was a good idea that we didn't get her anything for her birthday.....because this is what she played with alllllllll day
She happened to notice her birthday toys right before bed and had a good time playing

She really got into the toys later on in the week and now my house looks like this 89% of the day.

Ella is getting all four of her molars this week and hasn't really cried at all. I let her have frozen teething rings and Popsicles every once in awhile and that seems to do the trick. Mostly she as just been sleeping them off, which is great for me because I got the past four months caught up in her scrapbook and a dresser painted!
She has also loved having cold watermelon on her gums....but don't we all!
Overall it's great to have a big girl in the house. She is talking a lot and understanding more. She has been using her sign language with us a lot too! It's so nice to know when she is done doing something or thirsty, full or just wants to be held.


  1. It is so cute to see Ella Bean do all these girlie things.
    Um...James? Look at the picture of you holding Ella. And we wonder why Ella is so serious all the time. When are you going to teach her funny faces.?

  2. She was destroying me in Starcraft. Oh and he's taught her some real nice faces.

  3. Joe and I laughed so hard at the picture of Ella with James, Brian and the laptops. I LOVE the one of her pearing out over the laptop as if she is say "what? I am busy mom!" So freaking cute! I just love her!