Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fashion Forward

Ella goes through lots of outfits each week and has become quite the fashion queen. I rarely get out of my white T shirt and jeans (poor James) and Ella prefers to be naked 87% of the day....But when she does get dressed she goes allll out.

We recently started having her do her own laundry to keep up with the outfit changes....

Most days she just wants to be twiners with mom!
We also found something that will fit her long skinny body. Size 3 month clothes were getting old. She is a big girl and was ready for some SKINNY JEANS!!!

She is mixing up looks with the same $2 skirt. Way to make two outfits out of one baby!
Also a pony tail has been showing up a few days a week.....dad loves it!
But most days I can't seem to get her pants on fast enough after a diaper change and she goes pant-less the remainder of the day....This usually happens by 9am
And for a new Fashion Forward trend....

Ella is quite close with her silky blanket and only gets it in bed. If she has it during the day she will just sit and suck her finger ALLLLL day long.
So she started sneaking it out of her crib and into her jammies after tubby in the evenings.
Not sure who taught her this one????????????
See sucking her finger to sleep and it was only 6:30pm


  1. arent little kids in skinny jeans just the cutest? she is so adorable!

  2. little fashionista, so stylin'!

  3. I love the skinny jeans! All the outfits are really cute. What a cute kid she is,and so busy.

    Love your Blog Joslyn.