Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tiny Baby

James says almost daily that if Ella Bean could get back into my my belly she would. She is always clinging to me and wanting to be on my hip ALLLLL day , cooking with me, doing the laundry, eating, vacuuming... James says her favorite spot is nestled right up in my armpit. She does play great by herself, but really prefers mommy right next to her almost sitting in her lap.

So we granted her wish for just one day..... She got to spend a little time back where she loved it most. As close as she could possible get to me. Nice and warm and cozy! We told her it would be an early Birthday present. She really enjoyed her time there and wants to go back some day soon!


  1. She seriously fit? Wow! Haha! That is too funny. Good luck when nursery rolls around. :)

  2. Haha. I am surprised she liked it and stayed like that. There is no way Lydia would want to be like that. It might be nice for her but Mommy probably does not want a baby double in size in her belly.