Saturday, November 13, 2010


* Don't buy nice alphabet magnets for the fridge thinking it will keep your child out of the trash can.
And just when she is showing an ounce of interest....don't let it excite you....
Cause she will change her mind quickly!
* Don't let your child play with the house phone thinking it is harmless fun and nothing will happen.....cause they will magically dial 911 and the cops will show up at the house wondering what has happened. True Story!!!!
*Don't let your husband try and sell your baby as a new NIKE product in local stores!
*Don't hide the treats down low.... Mice will find them!
*DO let your child play with balloons to wear them out for nap time.....
*But don't really let your child play with balloons they are pretty dangerous.
*We like to live on the wild side!


  1. Very cute posts. And typical adorable,and spot on pictures of Ella. I love the droopy pants in the mice one. It sure looks like Ella monkey is very busy during the day!!

  2. I love these pictures of baby girl. Can't wait to hold her and give her big kisses. Gramps.