Monday, November 8, 2010


FRIDAY: James finally finished another set of exams and came home to us!!!! So we went to the beach. We had Daddy all weekend and Ella loved it. She is getting pretty attached to her daddy

One of my favorite pictures of all time!
Ella and mom
SATURDAY: The wind picked up and the humidity left us and we had a cool 70 degree day. That is cold for Florida and we were feeling it. I even had to break out the slippers and sweater for Ella. She wasn't to thrilled about wearing that many clothing items.

(I feel like she looks two in this picture and i hate it)

Ella is obsessed with James laptop and want's it a good six hours out of the day. So I found his old laptop that wont even turn on and it was fun for a minute

SUNDAY: Sunday came around and it was still "cold" and I was so excited to put another sweater on Ella. It is one of my favorites and she looked sooooo cute in it.
So we did glamor shoots!
We took about thirty....but here are a few of my favorites

By picture 30 she had had enough and off to church we went.

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  1. PRECIOUS! Love the picture of Ella and James as well as the one of you and Ella. You look beautiful jos!Ella is so dang cute! Love her glamor shots!