Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Bash

Sorry in advanced for always posting sosooo many pictures. There is just some stuff that needs to be shared......Like this amazing ladybug themed birthday bash Ella was invited to.

One of Ella's Best friends turned one. We don't plan on throwing any type of party for a one year old so we were able to live through this party. And may i say having a party with a theme is way more fun than your average party!
We of course had to dress up for the occasion. We never miss an opportunity to use one of Ella's twelve costumes hanging in her closet.

The decorations were all soo cute. I wish i would have taken more pictures.

We were in charge of the cookie decorating table. (most of the kids were much older than 1).
I knew saving all of Ella's Gerber baby food trays would come in handy one day! They worked perfect for cookie decorating.
The bugs turned out great and the kids loved them.
And Hurray for Ella... she only ate four plastic lady bugs off of the birthday girls beautiful ladybug tutu! We were so proud of her for her self control!

There was a bounce house, face painting and even a darling puppet show. Ella LOVES puppets so she was excited. So was daddy!

But out of the WHOLE entire party and all of the treats and activities the red plastic cups won again. They were her FAV part of the whole day.
By the end of the party, Ella was a mess...spilled red punch on the front of her white skirt, chocolate behind the ears, cookie in the nose, hole in the leggings, jello on the costume and a mixture of ALL of that ALL over my clothes as well. We love you messy Ella...We won't be wearing white to a party again....or ever!

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  1. Parties with themes are definitely fun and easy to work around. And white? I always wonder why they make ANYTHING for babies in white. But at least you all had a great time (and got to use those trays!). Glad James had some time to go and play too! ;)