Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dream Playroom

I remember being about ten and wanting a wooden doll house with wooden furniture inside, the kind that had real fabric and paint. My mom took me to a few craft fairs in search of one. Sense the internet was not at our fingertips I never did get my doll house (I'm over it mom :).

My dream has always been to have a playroom for my children with all wooden toys and great books. I LOVE wooden doll houses and blocks. I feel like it stimulates the imagination so much more. I hope my kids prefer to sit in a quite spot and read a book over watching a movie. I wish wooden toys weren't so expensive. I have started my book collection with James years ago and we almost have every Dr. Seuss book. I have also been collecting wooden games for my kids sense I was about 13 too. Dress up clothes, a wooden doll cradle and a wooden kitchen would be nice too.

So One day I will have a nice quite space like this for my littles!!!!

Nook (4)

Nook (5)

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  1. umm... did you hack into my computer and still the files I have on a dream playroom? Something smells fishy here! Just kidding! Looks great!