Monday, November 29, 2010

Ten Months Old

Ten months has gone by pretty fast
Fast like our mornings. Here is a sneak peak into one of our busy bee mornings with Ella James.....

6:45 am
She requested banana bread for breakfast...go figure!
Daily unrolling ceremony
7:15 am
Dressed and then quickly undressed when the chocolate milk powder was discovered...again
outfit two of the morning. Attempted the pony tail so everyone stops calling my baby a boy
threw a fit about having a pony in her hair
7:40 am
Getting ready for morning stories
Dad off to school
Quiet play time while mom cleans up....

The chocolate milk powder trailing from the kitchen to the bedroom
The bits of toilet paper scattered around the bathroom
the mess from the banana bread breakfast request
the two outfit changes and two diaper changes
67 Pony tail hair bands that somehow ended up all over the bathroom sink
The books from story time
And somehow found the time to put my own hair in a pony tail and wipe the toothpaste off my nose and the banana bread out of my hair.
Nap for 1 1/2 hours :)
We Love you Ella James


  1. she is so cute jos... i love her. which challenger songs are you signing to her?! I know you have to do it sometimes... no?

  2. um probably at least 89 challenger songs are sung a day and another 16 just in the tubby. I thought I would have forgotten them by now but they are stuck in my head for good. busy busy bumble bee....

  3. Your day sounds a lot like mine. haha Except Lydia will not lay down like Ella does to watch stories.

  4. She is getting so big and as cute as ever!