Friday, October 29, 2010

Dirt Poor

Medical School = 400,000 in debt

Having a husband in medical school is not as cool as one would think! We are living on loans and have ZERO income. We are blessed with enough loan money to survive, but I am trying so hard to be practical with our spending. We want to finish these four years and put a big chunk of the loan money we didn't spent into paying off our loan. It will take years but we can do it. We haven't been out to eat in three months, haven't been to the movies sense Ella was born and neither one of us has boughten an item of clothing in over five months. That alone saves quite a bit of $$$$

The problem is I have never had this much space in an apartment before and I want to make it into a home so we are comfortable for the next four years sense we NEVER leave the house. Good thing the beach is free! This apartment is 100 times bigger than our last so we have lots of empty spaces. An extra room and bathroom to decorate. So I have been trying to come up with cheap things for the house.

Here are a few things I have been working on......

Maps for Ella's room- Embroidery hoops (1$ each) road maps (Free)
Halloween Decorations- Letters ($1 each) Scrapbook paper (50 cents a sheet)
Flip it around when I get board
Table Centerpiece- Styrofoam balls ($2 each used a coupon) Twine ($2)

Salad dressing bottle (Free)

Saved old spaghetti and jam jars. Everything in the basket was free!
You can also save money by not purchasing a playpen for your small mice

Playpen- (free)

Thank you Ella for being such a good mouse and taking three LONG naps a day so Mommy can make our house a home. I love you
With the extra space I am able to save more things now. I save all of Ella's glass baby food jars and use them. I have her hair bows in a few and jelly beans in some to shake and make music. You can use them for 100 different things. I dump everything in a basket and she plays in it while I am in the kitchen. It's her favorite thing ever.

Also I don't know why my computer underlines some stuff halfway through my blog??????
If anyone knows how to fix it let me know! Sorry this post was sooooooooo long and underlined!


  1. Super cute crafts, your home looks beautiful!

  2. We feel for you. I love the crafts though thanks for sharing.

  3. Jos, love your natural style/look! Don't stress too much about debt... Debt for school is okay! Infact, going out every once in awhile is heathly for your marriage even in these circumstances... Even if it's a cheap date once a week ;)