Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

So Halloween this year was a little different. James has a HUGE anatomy exam in the morning so he has been locked away in the bedroom for days now. It is so hard knowing he is home but we can't bug him or play. Ella is beginning to figure out that he is in there and will crawl to the door and wait. So we did hours of flashcards today instead of trick or treating. I was fine with it because ella goes to sleep at 7 anyway. She is kind of a party pooper! It is james favorite holiday so I felt bad he didn't even get to dress up :(

Next Halloween she will be almost two and SO much fun. Her and James can run around like crazy monkeys and eat candy.

Halloween 2008
Angle and Devil
Halloween 2009
Married/ 8 months pregnant
Hot dog and cat-lame( except for the part when james was in tights!)
Halloween 2010

And now a word from the little penguin.......

Hi guys, I thought I would take a moment and let you know what I was put through today.
I was put in this lame, itchy bird suit and laughed at by my parents
They just kept smiling and laughing and there were flashing lights. I tried to get away....
But dad had a pretty good grip on my flightless wings.
I tried and tried to remove my silly top hat and begged to be a pumpkin or a princess like the rest of the little girls my age.
Once i had removed the itch I was hoping to get some kind of reward out of this traumatic experience......
Dad always seems to give in so I started with him.
A refreshing drink of the ever so healthy Yoohoo.
Hope your Halloween was better than mine.

Love Ella james


  1. I love it! We almost cried from laughing so hard! Wonder what you guys are going to be this year!

  2. I love the penguin costume. And the little story of poor Ella was priceless. Isn't she going to have a ball as a teenager looking at all these costume pictures of herself and wondering "what was my mom and dad thinking?"And the laughing is adorable.

  3. A very cute penguin. She sure is alot of fun.