Monday, October 25, 2010


We went to the mailbox today and found three packages for baby beans. She is one spoiled little girl. I have still never had to buy her any toys or outfits. I remember the days when fun things use to come in the mail for me.
Thanks Aunt Kaila for the scary Halloween socks!
Ella began to open her next surprise on her own
Thanks Grandma Reber for the cute jammies, swimsuits and books! My mom and James' mom know not to send a single package to our house unless there are goodies in there for James. He gets a little jealous and feels left out of the fun. So thank you from James for the Halloween candy!
I'm sad to inform you that the bean enjoyed the packaging WAY more than the actual gifts. SORRY
Notice that there is something in Ella's mouth in almost every picture. Story of my life. I let her lick a sucker for one minute during the pictures. No chocking occurred!

Also I would like to CONGRATULATE my little sister MYAH. She is only 7 years old and has made huge accomplishments in Gymnastics this year. She just finished three big Gym tournaments against EVERY gym in the area. She competed against hundreds of girls older than her and dominated taking first place on vault, bars, beam and floor.
Meet #1 Second place all around
Meet #2 first place all around
Meet #3 third place all around

(She's the little bee on the right)


  1. Hi Joslyn...loved looking at the pictures of sweet bean. I included the tissue paper because I knew it would be her favorite part. I can hardly wait to see the little cutie. Myah was thrilled with what you wrote about her. She has worked so hard and has become an amazing "performer". She loves the meets and is so focused and takes it so serious. Soooo proud of her!

  2. Fun mail!! I too remember the days when my family didn't use me for my offspring :)

    Oh... I was pretty tricky huh? I almost thought it backfired though and you were going to say "I saw you in a swimsuit and I was wondering if you were pregnant" Phew... glad you didn't say that.

  3. I feel like a bad Auntie. I have never sent anything to Ella. I do however have a letter for her addressed and setting on my window seal. Perhaps I will mail it one of these days. Nah... I'll give it to her at Christmas :)

  4. Fun packages. I love to get clothes for Lydia! cute changing table too.