Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Six Months Old

So I'm a little behind .... Ella turned six months and here she is......

She has done so well with the move. She has been all over the place and is such a trooper. It is hot here in Florida and she has taken a liking to licking ice. She has been sleeping in such small quarters sense we got here that when she is in her nice big crib she wiggles all the way to the corners and burrows in for the night. She gets up on her knees but then doesn't know what to do next. I am so grateful that she didn't learn to crawl during the move. I can't imagine chasing after her while unpacking.

She picks one funny thing to do a day and does it all day. Today it was snorting. she snorted in Target, at the ducks, at dad. She did it all day long like it was the coolest thing ever. Yesterday was high pitch scream day. Glad that day is over. She eats baby food once a day and doesn't like it very much. She closes her mouth up tight and NOTHING can break the barrier. She does enjoy sandwiches, ice cream, pizza crust and just about anything I put in my mouth. So I tried taking a bite of her baby food before she ate it and she opened right up. Till she discovered there was no artificial flavoring or sugar and salt. Poor thing.

She sleeps all night except for the occasional 4 am feeding, has never had a bottle because she like the real stuff, passes gas ALL day long, naps three times a day and still sucks that little finger of hers. She also loves anything electronic. James' PS3 controller is her all time favorite. Cell phones, TV remote, pretty much anything she can't have. James call his laptop Ella's sister. He is on it so much he thinks that Ella just assumes it's part of the family. We found an old cell phone in one of the boxes. OBSESSED, she sucks on it all day!

We love you baby beans

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  1. Great post Jos. Really made me laugh. Course I didn't laugh to much at all the boxes and broken vase. SOOOO glad you finally have all your stuff and you can settle in. I'm sorry the moving van experience was such a nightmare. What a dear baby Ella is and how I miss her. So glad she is so easy going and adaptable. That will serve her well when the siblings start coming along. Love you sweet Ella!!!! xoxoxoxo