Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11 Months

We are almost ONE YEARS OLD ahhhhhhh where did the time go. 
Everette took some steps the other day and I just about burst into tears.
Ever is still the best baby in town and we are so lucky to have her.
When she wears this hat James and I have to hold back from nibbling at her face.
Here are a handful of Everette pictures from this past month....

Sometimes when days are slow (very rarely) we drive 1.5 miles to Toys R Us and I let the kids touch every single item in the store and then we pack up and go home. We have never purchased a thing so I know they hate us there. They would live there if I let them.

 Everette is at Ella's feet for most of the day. Ella has never once complained about it or gotten mad at her sweet sister. I think they are best friends. Pretty much anything Ella says or does Ever thinks its the best thing on earth. She idolizes her.

 This month Everette has....
* been blessed with two new bottom teeth. grand total 8.
* taken a few steps each day
* Naps twice a day 9:30-11 and 2-4
* Sleeps through the night 7:30-7:30
* Nurses four times a day
*loves: chicken noodle soup, banana, fried eggs, watermelon, peas
*Plays with: toilet paper in or out of the toilet, whatever her sister is playing with.
* says: mama, dada and that's about it. She is much quieter then Ella. Ella was talking up a storm by 11 months.
*Uses sign language for: all done, more, eat, thank you and tubby
*gives the best open mouth kisses whenever I demand them (68 times a day)

 We were at the Pumpkin patch last month and a crazy lady came up to me and grabbed Ever from me. It was the Dr. that delivered her and she recognized both of us. I love that she knew who were were with so many deliveries each day. We loved her.
 LOVES swinging in the yard
 Did you know that I was blessed with a baby with shoulder dimples?? It is very rare to receive one of these babies but when you do you hold onto them!They are almost as cute as her face and are runner up with her bum!

 Ella James at 11 Months Old
(much much smaller)
 Ella and Lydia at 11 Months


  1. I love love that last pic of Ella and Lydia! So cute. Also, of course I love every single picture of Ever. I could hold and kiss that little lady all day. I really have a special place in my heart for your girls. And for you... there is just something about the Sorensen ladies.

  2. Love the tiger hat. And your yard. And baby Ever. And 11 month old baby Ella. And you know I love that pic of them from the mall. Such darling sisters!

  3. Oh jos that picture of Lydia and Ella is cute an you send it to me.