Friday, May 11, 2012

Good ol' Moms


My mom was kinda a babe
And this little babe got her eyebrows. You probably don't see it but I see my mom every time I look at Ellie.

We are lucky to have wonderful women in our life

 Women who gave us life and support us in our life decisions
 James and I have great moms and they are even better grandma's. Our children are very lucky to have them in their life. They love to spoil my babies and I love them for that. 
I feel so blessed to have a mother who not only loves me but admires my accomplishments and is proud of the mother I have become every day. She tells me often that I am doing a good job with my babies and I need to hear that. She has words of wisdom for me and is always there to listen to me. My mom is very thoughtful and has a strong desire to give back to those in need. I learned this from her at a very young age and it is what fueled my desire to serve in Africa. 

James is very lucky to have a mother who appreciates his humor and desire to help others. She is always finding just the right toys for him to make his stressful study life a little more fun. She is so patient with me at the sewing machine and finds joy in being with my babies. 
I'm also incredibly grateful every single day for these amazing mommies in my life. We are together almost everyday and we are all going through a very similar journey. There are MANY more of you and you know who you are!!! We see each other WAY more then we see our own husbands at this time in our life. We love each other, gossip with each other, share baby clothes and toys, birth stories and poop stories. We watch shows together and make bows together! When I am nursing they will run and pick up Ellie out of the sand and wipe her nose and clean up her cut. A mother couldn't ask for a better group of girlfriends. We support each other in this crazy thing called "MOTHERHOOD"
And I love them because they gave my babies best friends to play with and grow up with. I love these babies and enjoy my time with each of them!


  1. So sweet. I am glad that we have all of the Mommies in our lives too. Especially the Mommie friend. :)

  2. Very sweet Joslyn. You have always been such an easy child to love,and your girls are just like you. I love you all so much.

  3. Dang right mom is a babe and you are lucky your kids look a little bit like her! I don't have that lucky gene to pass on! Happy mothers day mom! I love you! And you too Jos! You are a great mom!