Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Everette Jo
Little Evy Jo is 4 months this week. Not sure where the time went? She is growing so fast and getting very large. She gives me quite a work out luggin her around the house and park. She is 15 pounds now and still very bald. She is taking three great naps a day and sleeping 9-9 through the night without nursing for a few weeks now. She discovered her thumb this months and I am thrilled. I held out on binkies and bottles for both my girls so they could learn to self sooth and not depend on me when they need to go so sleep or screaming in the back of the car.  It is harder to break them of it but it happens eventually. You don't go off to collage sucking your thumb and i'm sure both our girls will need braces anyway like 97% of the population.

She really hates getting her hair blown dry 6 times a day

She totally got  into the Easter candy when we weren't looking

sucking her little thumb

Ella James
Ella is still a crazy, dramatic princess. She loves all things Princess right now and we are still dancing all day to Disney princess music.  She hasn't gained a pound in a really really long time and is now just five pounds heavier then Ever :( We try everything and she is drinking 2-3 pediasure a day and is on a high calorie diet which is why I am now on a low calorie diet. 
The girls in their fort

best girlfriends

painting with daddy every evening

If anyone knows where i can find 6-9 month panties I would appreciate it. We can't begin potty training till we find something that fits her waist

Jimmy James
James has been working his butt off this semester. If anyone tries to imagine what medical school is like just picture you face being scrapped across the pavement at 80 MPH. James never leaves his room except to occasionally eat and pee. He paints each evening with Ella and they dance and wrestle then back to his face getting smashed into pavement again. He takes the ever so life changing exam "the boards" in a few months and we are so looking forward to next year. He is so busy during the day he has to go spear fishing at night. Yes at night, deep down in the dark ocean with sharks and sting rays...in the dark. He has been bringing home our supper a lot lately and I have been enjoying learning how to cook fish. 

Flounder in the night

Breaded Parmesan Flounder in the day

Little Ella broke my toe! Life stinks with a broken toe....End of story
But actually I am usually just crazy multi-tasking 
Example: ella is playing, eating and bathing, while watching Everette, dancing to music, making dinner and cookies all in one shot! Joys of motherhood

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  1. Maybe next we can look up tutorials on makng underwear. I'm sure a little material and hot glue would do the trick right?