Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easer bunny

Ella really got into Easter this year. She is finally understanding holidays and it's so much fun.
She had a super fun Easter egg hunt with friends on Wed, an Easter craft day on Fri, another egg hunt on Sat. and Easter was Sunday. It was a busy week

We did lots of crafts throughout the week

There was an Easter egg hunt at Home Depot and Ella got the Golden Egg and won a giant Basket full of really cheap princess stuff to fill our tiny apartment. I was overjoyed I love that crap :( 
It was worth it to see how excited she was to win!
We are going to use the Golden egg in our future egg hunts with our family for a big prize. It will be a fun tradition to start and we will always remember how Ella won the Egg when she was 2

Showing us her Princess crap

When the Easter bunny knocked on the door Easter morning Ella was very nervous and didn't want to answer. She was glad she did because she received more Princess crap from that dang bunny.

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