Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Secret

Today during naptime I ate all but three of an entire bag of Lindor Truffles.
I only left three in the bag because I was feeling so horribly guilty.

I had to walk all the way into the laundry room to get each one and I would go back to the couch to eat it. So its not like the bag was sitting on my lap and I just lost track of what I was doing. NOPE I actively decided after each one that I would go eat another.

I would like to publicly apologize to James because I had to sneak into the laundry because that is where I am hiding his Easter basket which is where the bag of chocolate was swiped from. Yes my dear sweet, hardworking husband will no longer be getting these awesome Lindor truffles for Easter Sunday. I purposely had zero chocolate in the house so I would kick this nasty habit but the Easter baskets were just calling my name. Ella's basket is safe for now. still two weeks till Easter though?

Who is to blame?????
I blame this little lindor truffle
Why you ask???
Because ever since I gave birth to this baby, all I have wanted was chocolate.
After every single meal I want some chocolate. Late at night I want chocolate treats. I make chocolate cookies and pies and cakes and snack on M&Ms and such. Anyone who knows me knows it is 100% the babies fault because I have NEVER  loved chocolate. I am a salty girl who loves chips and cheesy things.

Oh well it's a good thing I started doing this...
I decided I would only work out and still eat chocolate though because I LOVE chocolate !!!


  1. Whoa! You like chocolate? Who are you? I don't remember you ever liking chocolate enough to steal from poor James's Easter basket!!! But you deserve the chocolate!

  2. Yummmm... me too Jos, me too. I just at a handful of ghirradhelli 60% cocoa chocolate chips and they tasted so fantastic. I love Jillian Micheals! Maybe we should make a competition out of it, like I did with Cait. Whoever wins gets free babysitting a date paid for my the loser.... thoughts?

  3. Haha I feel the same way. I just blame it one the pregnancy. :) I am in a world of hurt after. That is why Scott says that we just can't have it in the house. Especially those yummy yummy Lindt white chocolates. Yummy!

  4. My kind of girl! Hey, I was wondering... I bet you have some great tips on babies, nap schedules, book recommendations, etc... Would you mind emailing me? - I can give you number too! I need yours!

    Wish I could be in florida eating chocolates with ya!

  5. Hey Annie I will email you a list of my fav. books and everything that has worked for me!