Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Girls Lately

Got my computer back......thought I would catch you up
We have been fatherless around here as usual. Not having James around and present everyday is hard and Ella and I miss playing with him, but it sure makes me grateful to have two super fun girls and lots of close friends while I'm here in Florida. Everette doesn't seem to miss daddy to much at this age and is mostly just obsessed with me or maybe she is just obsessed with my milk and the smell of my milk stained t shirts???

*We visited a close friends the other day where Ella got to spent the whole morning with one of her besties Lea, just swimming and chatting
* No way she could be teething at three months right?? 
Yep she is and you can tell by the look of utter disgust on her face
Ella and I both got two bottom teeth at four months
* March craft day was hosted by Brittany this month and the kids went on a treasure hunt for leprechaun gold!
Ella is finally participating in craft day instead of just wandering around the house 
 *Ever had her first play date with the neighbor boy Max just five weeks younger. The layed for one minute before they were holding hands it was so sweet.
 *Daddy saved the day by recharging an old cell phone so it lights up and makes noise when Ella pushed the buttons. Three button are missing due to her eating them when she was 8 months old. (never did find those in her poop?) She has never been more happy in her two years of life. Yes that is a milk mustache. I put half and half in her cereal in the morning (more calories) It leaves killer mustaches!
* Everette received these cute shorts for her baby shower.....The ones on Ella that is. They are both wearing 3-6 month shorts. Yeah for sharing clothes. I just thought it would happen when Ever was a little older.
(Notice the cell phone in the pocket. she loves that thing)
 We are rockin out in the bumbo these days
* Ella loves the mall more than she loves Disneyworld. This is usually how she Exits the mall. Kicking and screaming
 *She rode the merry go round twice in one week at the mall of course. This was taken seconds before James was sternly told to get off the pony because he was to big.
* Getting so big
* Every morning Ella sits in the sink while I brush and do her hair (except for the five days out of the week where her hair doesn't get brushed and she looks like a lion most of the day) 
She looks at herself dead in the face and gives herself a pep talk. She has quite a bit of confidence.
"I ella I a good girl"
"I so smart"
"I pretty and my hair pretty"
"I so big and strong" (with muscles flexed of course)


  1. Haha I love that James got told to get off the horse. And most of all I love Ella's little pep talk. So adorable. Which one of you give yourselves pep talks? :)

  2. Poor little Ever and her teething! Collette is teething now too. I hate it. You know what I love though? A few things... Ella's 3-6 month shorts, that pic of James carrying Ella, and Ella's pep talk. It's all true Elle, don't let anyone tell you different.

  3. Such a cute post! Love the pictures of the little ladies and the one of James holding Ella is priceless! The pep talk is Hilarious! Has Ella seen the Help :)