Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two and Two

 Time for the little ladies update
Ella is now 2 and Everette is now 2 months
I hate that you only get to have a new born for 3 1/3 days before they are all grown up :(

 Ella has not had one second where she hasn't liked her sister...that will come in the teenage years but for now i am enjoying their blossiming friendship and life long love.
 Her favorite thing to do is have Evy suck on her fingers. She thinks it hilarious

EVER JO: 11 pounds
From the moment Ever was born she has been mellow and sweet. She has woken only once in the night at 5am since the day she was born and now is sleeping through the night. She goes down around 8:30 and is up by 7:30. It is a dream come true for me. She has also put herself on Ella's old napping schedule. 9-11 , 1-4 and 5-6 is usually how she naps. It makes it hard to leave the house but it is worth it to stay home so she can get the rest she need at this age. Ella and I just hang out doing crafts and games. Ever nurses like a champ often on both sides which is way more then Ella could ever handle. She has been smiling since she was two weeks old and laughed for the first time today. She loves her swing and bouncy chair and her favorite place is right near the window. Our favorite time together is tubby time. Every night at 7 she had a warm bath. I do it every single night so we have that special time together and it sets her routine. I did it with Ella from the time she was two weeks old and I feel like that is why they are such good sleepers. I'm all for consistent routines. I  lay my head on the side of the tub, pour warm water over her fat belly and sing to her. She sings with me the whole time. I almost cry every night I do it because she is just growing so fast and I love her so much.

ELLA JAMES: 21 pounds
Yep only a 10 pound difference between my girls. The other day James text me while i was running an errand and said one of the girls is awake. I text back which one?? and he said "the fat one". Ella has been a tiny little ball of fire since birth. She grows soooooooooooo slow and is still wearing all of her 9 month clothing. Ever and Ella will be in the same size shortly. She eats well and is still on her three a day pediasure diet. She loves candy like her papa though and it's so hard to not give in. Ella has been changing so much lately. She spends hours at her little table drawing pictures of everyone in our family. She has got a good circle down and has started adding eyes and hair. She loves to follow me around and help with her sister. We cook dinner together each night and read at least 20 stories a day. Her favorite things right now are: dancing with mama to the credits after EVERY movie. singing songs in the tubby, her water table and lining up her little Disney toys in the tubby. She matches up the Disney princess with their prince and has them dance together but she doesn't like me to watch so I turn away. Sometimes I have to provide the Disney soundtrack for her while her true loves dance. Last night I sang "tale as old as time" from beauty and the beast at least 16 times.
I sure love these little ladies and can't wait to see their relationship grow over time. They are a handful but so much fun every single day.


  1. This post brought a HUGE smile to my face! They are so lucky to have each other and to have you guys. I hope that they will be as close as we are, hopefully closer during their childhood than we were! But we were so different! You were the perfect child and I was the fart knocker... they may be more alike than we were. Only time will tell! Love the girls and love you and James!

  2. I love this update. I feel like I don't know any of this about your girls. They are so so darling. BTW... I bought Collette a little denim jumper and today when I put it on her, Owen looked over and said "hey! Ella has that!". Why does my son have your daughter's wardrobe memorized?